1. Mickey Ilarraza Answer

    I found that guy: I will 10x your linkedin profile,grow your brand and generate leads


    “Done for You” LinkedIn Leads

    With over 500M members on LinkedIn, the professional social network can be a gold mine for B2B lead generation that turns into sales.


    - Who can benefit from growth
    - Wanting new business connections
    - Looking for new business relationships
    - Looking to increase your circle of influence


    - You need a PAID LinkedIn SALES NAVIGATOR account for this gig


    #1 Profile Optimisation/Network Building/Engagement

    #2 Target Market/Direct Outreach

    #3 Send Messages For You As You

    #4 Knock on the doors for you. Generate new leads & connections

    #5 Generate B2B leads/New business/Keep sales pipeline full of prospects

    #6 Monthly report

    #7 Drive your profile views by 10X

    #8 Boost your Brand Exposure

    #9  Leave prospecting to us

    #10 Find your ideal leads, engage them, drive them to your website or lead magnet

    #11 ROI on investment. A tangible result as a warm lead

    #13 Connect with up 100+ prospects per day (depending on your niche)

    We truly  “Do it for You”. Sit back and get ready to start getting MORE from LinkedIn.

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      From Profile Makeover to completely setting up your LinkedIn messages inside LinkedIn we get you predictable results using LinkedIn as the platform

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      Step 1 – Discovery
      Step 2 – Strategy Preparation
      Step 3 – Client Approval
      Step 4 – Deployment/Launch

      Once you purchase the gig, you will be asked some questions and I will send you a briefing form to complete

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      The first month of service incorporates: Initial Discovery & Strategy to find your ideal client profile and campaign objectives, data collection, email verification/validation, writing of both LinkedIn and email sequencing. Once setup is completed and approved we launch and deploy.

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      The LinkedIn Lead Generation is a monthly recurring service. Although you should plan to commit to a minimum of 3 months to maximise your lead count, there is no monthly minimum. This gig is for one month of service. If you wish to extend to 3 months please contact me for a discount.

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      We establish a lead list based on your ideal client profile that you approve. We then craft personalised drip messages within LinkedIn, increasing the prospect of connecting and engaging with you, using LinkedIn.

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      Our ideal client C-level executives like CEO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, Co/Founders, Coaches, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Partners, Consultants, and other executives like VP’s of Sales & Marketing. Our service is suitable for almost any B2B business, please contact to discuss before purchasing the gig.

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      No one wants to hear this, but it’s all subjective. What is your objective? Client acquisition, feedback/survey, are you looking to increase your professional base? Looking for investors or referral partners? What verticals are you selling into? We will connect with up to 100+ prospects per day

    1. Mickey Ilarraza

      35-45 connection requests daily for initial week (for monitoring the new campaign), then we will bump it up to 75-125 connection requests daily

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