1. Bruno Shuffler Answer

    I found that guy: I will audit your marketing performance ( $200 )

    I will Audit all of your marketing activities to help you reach your maximum potential by providing you with the following reports

    Social Media Audit
    • Overall social media performance
    • Platforms KPIs Benchmarking
    • Content Strategy Audit
    • Community Management Audit
    • Presence Audit
    • Social Media Advertising Audit
    • Social Media Brand Equity Audit

    Digital Marketing Audit
    • Overall Digital Performance Audit
    • Platforms KPIs Benchmarking
    • Content Strategy Audit
    • Presence Audit
    • Advertising Audit
    • User Experience Audit
    • Digital Market Share Audit
    • Digital Brand Equity Audit

    Overall Marketing Audit
    This report is where you can find all and every detail about your marketing performance as it is custom made according to your brand strategy and function including
    • Marketing Strategy Audit
    • Marketing Productivity
    • Marketing Function Audit
    • Marketing Automation System Audit

    Who should buy this Gig?
    Entrepreneurs getting to the next step 
    Entrepreneurs with falling sales
    Marketing Managers/Directors looking for enhancements
    Brand Managers looking for acceleration 
    Business owners trying to understand more about their marketing performance
    OR However, trying to enhance marketing results

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