1. Ileana Fairall Answer

    I found that guy: I will automate shopify store with API integrations ( $700 )

    Running an online store is a very exciting business and depend on how you set it up can be a breeze to run or a constant struggle. Automation helps to free up your time from routine tasks such as manually updating products and shipping. You can choose to integrate your store with an inventory management software to automatically update products and stock levels or even create an integration with a vendor that will take care of fulfillment and ship products straight to your customers. There are a number of techniques that I can help you to implement that will remove a burden from you and your employees.

    I offer several packages that may suit your needs.

    All of the packages include:
    - A custom application that integrates with your store via Shopify API
    - The initial deployment to the cloud - Heroku.

    - Single task automation, e.g. updating products.

    - Automation of up to 3 tasks, e.g. placing orders, creating shipments, etc.

    - Full store automation from product syncing to orders fulfillment

    Have a specific integration in mind that hasn't been mentioned? We’d love the opportunity to help you with that. Contact me to discuss a custom offer.
    1. Ileana Fairall

      I can integrate a Shopify store with a fulfillment/logistics partners, shipping couriers, POS/payment systems, inventory software, and more.

    1. Ileana Fairall

      Yes, I can do various integrations that will significantly reduce manual work. From simply updating product information to full automation including updating stock levels, placing orders with logistics partners, creating shipping labels, sending tracking codes to buyers, and more.

    1. Ileana Fairall

      I have more than 10 years of software development experience, worked with clients and projects of different scale, and always strive to offer a great service. I have many clients that I’ve done multiple projects for and who enjoy working with me.

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