1. Yelena Duartes Answer

    I found that guy: I will be your go to producer and composer for songs, podcasts, youtube, film, video

    Are you on a budget?  Are you looking for that $5,000 studio sound and style that is of professional studio quality standards?  For only $100 per 30 seconds of material, you can get a FULL production of REAL LIVE instruments played by a professional, not just a bunch of midi sounds. 

    I'm a professional classically trained violinist, and I bring the kind of dedication, attention to detail and soul that is mandatory for a high level classical musician to my productions, so when you order with me, you are 100% guaranteed to be blown away.  I'm a verified PRO seller here on Fiverr in both the session musician category as well as the producer/composer category, so you are literally getting the entire package you need to get that perfect sound, jingle, song, composition or intro for your podcast, film, youtube channel and more!

    **Visit my website at www.nathanielwolkstein.com for all of my credentials and background.**

    **Check out my reviews here on Fiverr.  ALL 5 star reviews with glowing testimonies from lots of happy clients**

    **Visit my soundcloud page here for more samples https://soundcloud.com/user-334013967  **
    1. Yelena Duartes

      I have been hand-vetted by the Fiverr team, which means as my client, you are guaranteed the highest quality end product, communication and experience when you hire me. I have been verified by Fiverr in not only the “Producers and Composers” pro category, but also the “Session Musicians” category.

    1. Yelena Duartes

      In addition to being a classically trained professional violinist and violist of more than 15 years, I play the acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, drums, percussion and more!

    1. Yelena Duartes

      These days MIDI samples sound good. However, if you want GREAT sound, the true feel and sound of an orchestra, the true feel of a rock band and everything in between, there’s no replacement for a real musician sitting down and crafting something personal for you with real instruments.

    1. Yelena Duartes

      If you listen to my audio sample reel, you will hear professional and top of the line work in genres like pop, rock, classical, cinematic, electronic, folk, world, pop rock and more. I’m well versed in all these genres and can create original music, covers, drops, jingles, themes, songs and more!

    1. Yelena Duartes

      My preamps include the Neve 1073, Studer 800 and the Teletronix LA-2A. I have excellent natural string reverbs, including the EMT 140 and Lexicon. I record my instruments with an AKG C414 Microphone and capture the perfect combination of warmth, clarity and brilliance.

    1. Yelena Duartes

      Yes! I’m your go to one-stop-shop producer. I will always be honest when there is something I do not believe I can do at the highest professional level, and I will either make a recommendation for someone else or let you know my limitations. I’m not a mastering engineer, so I cannot provide that.

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