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    I found that guy: I will be your outreach white hat SEO expert

    I have 8 years of SEO experience, and I've been VP of a company which does search engine optimization in the US and Canada. I have managed 10 employees, and today I have my own SEO firm. 

    Outreach for backlinks is the best practice for getting unique and high-quality backlinks. I call these links "Jokers", links you have and your competitors don't have. 
    We are doing White Hat SEO, getting relevant links for your site. 

    How does the process work?
    We identify relevant content that can be interesting for outreach
    We create a list of niche sites/blogs 
    We conduct outreach 

    Our Key to Success
    We are not just sending out emails and hoping for the best! The outreach process includes messages in Twitter, Facebook, commenting on articles, and more...

    We provide a detailed report of our efforts:

    List of sites contacted
    Live Links
    Summary Call

    This is a White Hat process, and we can't promise X links live, but if no backlinks were created we give you a full refund. 

    Feel free to contact us, looking forward to rocking your online presence!

    1. Marguerite Canavan

      We have experience of more than 8 years in SEO in the highest level, also we have great record of reviews in Fiverr. We like to work with satisfied clients!

    1. Marguerite Canavan

      We can discuss it, there’s option of doing pure outreach for backlinks or using also option for paid placements.

    1. Marguerite Canavan

      This is a white hat technique for the long run. Backlinks is the most important element of SEO, getting high quality links can rank a site better.

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