1. Krishna Bialik Answer

    I found that guy: I will be your product design consultant ( $250 )


    We listen to your objectives and make you profit from our experience, to make you save time and cost

    Your business success depends on 3 vital pillars:
    1 - Business Model
    2 - Product Design
    3 - Marketing

    It's therefore extremely important that your product design is fully integrated and aligned with this 3 aspects, for to make more than a good design, but achieve a business winning product.

    Our team counts multidisciplinary talents, including INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS and MECHANICAL ENGINEERS with more than 30 YEARS of combined experience (Airbus, Bombardier, Jet AviationRENAULT NISSAN Group etc.) in different fields:

    - Industrial Design (Styling & Ergonomics)
    - Engineering
    (Mechanical & Electrical)
    - Manufacturing Process

    - Digital Marketing (Content & Strategy)

    We work with creative people, entrepreneurs, and hardware-based companies, helping them realizing opportunities and creating their brands

    You are very welcome to CONTACT US before placing this order, and ask any question :)
    1. Krishna Bialik

      Our team counts; 2: Industrial Designer, 2: Digital/3D Renders Specialists, 3: Mechanical Design Engineers, 1: Communication and Visual Support Designer

    1. Krishna Bialik

      Our entire TEAM is only composed of professionals. Each of us has graduated from a Master of Science in his field. We combine more than 30 years of experience into the team, and we have been working for big clients such as AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER, RECARO, RENAULT NISSAN GROUP, ASSYSTEM etc..

    1. Krishna Bialik

      We use video conferences, and also send you a product assessment report if you need to. For startup and corporate companies, we can even come to your offices and discuss face to face with you while exploring your processes and production lines.

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