1. Yolonda Steelmon Answer

    I found that guy: I will be your SEO agency,reseller ( $550 )


    Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website’s ranking in Search Engines. In todays digital climate, we can’t just rely on optimizing a limited number of key words. My packages start with 30+ key words at the same rate that most agencies provide for a mere 5 - 10.

    Added Value

    When you are optimized for your core key words, you will also be aligned to benefit from paralleled variations of the key words. When you start with my basic package of 30 key words, you will have ~50-80 added value key words that are ranked on Google SERP.

    My Process

    1. Keyword Strategy 

    Each business is unique. I will analyze your business and potential customers intent and do a in-depth key word research breakdown to guide my suggestions.

    2. Advance Technical Audit 

    I will audit the technical structure of your website to better suit Google’s universally acknowledged industry standards and fix non-developmental errors on your site. 

    3. On-Site/ Off-site Optimization

    I will optimize your website content, metadata and all other on-site factors affecting rankings for your business.

    1. Yolonda Steelmon

      My main KIP is to get you on Google first page. Depend on the competition for your market and status of your website it can take 3-12 months. Since this is a month by month service you can evaluate the performance each month and decide to continue or not.

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