1. Clinton Diffenderfer Answer

    I found that guy: I will bring your writing to new heights ( $150 )

    I'm Kate Willsky, a graduate of Pomona College with 10 years of editorial experience. I've worked at San Francisco magazine and Chronicle Books, and have done freelance editing for a wide range of brands, organizations, and publishers. I know what it takes to bring your writing to new heights.

    I will edit your writing for clarity, grammar, and impact to help you drive home your message and engage your readers. I'll provide substantive line editing and restructuring where needed, while making sure that each sentence flows as smoothly as possible and conveys its meaning persuasively.

    I'm careful to ensure that I preserve your voice and the heart of the piece, no matter how major any changes are. Rest assured that the final result will have unimpeachable grammar as well!

    Types of projects that I'll accept include:

    • Web pages
    • Articles & blog posts
    • Social media copy
    • App screen copy
    • Short stories/creative writing
    • Resumes & cover letters
    • Press releases
    • Marketing materials
    • Business proposals
    • Personal essays

    If you would like a smaller project than the Basic option, please contact me.

    I will edit your project in a Google doc with trackable changes. 

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