1. Kathleen Lauzier Answer

    I found that guy: I will build a blogging calendar for inbound marketing and sales ( $150 )

    Blogging Editorial Content Calendar for Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales

    Important Note: To get the most value from blogging, you should first have buyer persona documents developed for your most important buyer personas. (If needed, see available Gig Extras.)

    A blog can be a tremendously valuable asset for attracting more of the right people to your business, from the right places, at the right time, and in the right context.

    This service is for

    • Small Business CEOs, Presidents, Founders, and Owners

    • Marketing Managers

    • IT Managers

    • HubSpot Customers

    • Owners of Small Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies, HubSpot Certified Partners, and Website Design Agencies (100% White Label)

    As part of this service, you’ll receive working titles for blog posts optimized for

    • Thought leadership positioning

    • Topic keyword selection

    • Buyer persona strategy

    • Buyer’s journey strategy

    • Goal attainment strategy

    This service will be provided by a veteran marketing and sales professional certified in

    • Inbound Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • Inbound Sales

    • Growth Driven Website Design

    • HubSpot Marketing Software

    • HubSpot Sales Software

    Your confidentiality is assured with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Document available on request.

    1. Kathleen Lauzier

      Companies committed to improving their competitive positioning in the marketplace, and being seen as top educators, thought leaders, and trusted advisors in their niche, do best with blogging. Put your own opinions. If your most important buyer personas read blog posts, you need to blog.

    1. Kathleen Lauzier

      Depending on the level of the Gig that you purchase, you’ll receive anywhere from 15 to 60 working titles. The frequency that you choose to blog at will depend greatly on your available resources and how aggressive your goals are. Some blog bi-weekly. Other companies blog several times daily.

    1. Kathleen Lauzier

      Company news releases should be posted to a separate company newsroom blog — not your main blog. A blog, by definition, is meant to provide helpful, educational advice to strangers who haven’t yet heard of your company. Self-serving company news pieces don’t belong on a thought leadership blog.

    1. Kathleen Lauzier

      Great question! Yes, before you start blogging, make sure you are crystal clear on your primary and secondary buyer personas — and what they care about most.

    1. Kathleen Lauzier

      Approached with the right strategy, blogging can help your company with traffic generation, lead generation, sales cycle acceleration, and client retention. However, many blogs fail to achieve any meaningful business goals because the strategy is misguided.

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