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    I found that guy: I will build a custom website application ( $500 )

    We are a UK based web and mobile app development agency with a strong background in building dynamic applications at all scales. We have worked on systems that range from social networks to complex staff management and inventory control systems. We have a focus on creating professional applications that can scale and work on any device.

    Why should your business have a custom website?
    • Accessibility - Having a website lets your customers find out information about you 24/7
    • Customizability - We can make your website stand out from the rest with custom designs
    • Maintenance - We can work with you to keep updating and improving your website

    Throughout the development process, our team of developers works with you on the following:
    • Create a project plan and design for your app
    • Complete code documentation
    • Installation and setup on your hosting
    • Six months of support and maintenance

    We are happy to work with you to make sure our work meets your business needs. 
    Please contact us before any order so we can confirm exact requirements and work with you to generate a custom offer!
    1. Oswaldo Rampey

      We are happy to discuss any application with you and try to give our advice and guidance to make sure our service is a right fit for you.

    1. Oswaldo Rampey

      We make sure to test our work on all major operating systems and mobiles (This includes Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS) as well as on a variety of screen sizes.

    1. Oswaldo Rampey

      We use a framework called Laravel which is written in PHP for the backend, the front end will be built using bootstrap in HMTL 5 and CSS 3.

    1. Oswaldo Rampey

      Yes! All of our services are provided with support to fix bug, errors and for for security fixes for 3 months after development.

      We can also offer maintenance support to make changes or add features which we are happy to negotiate.

    1. Oswaldo Rampey

      The application can be hosted on any Linux based server, or shared hosting that supports PHP. We can help you get it setup, and we even offer our own hosting as an extra on this gig!

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