1. Rema Renzullo Answer

    I found that guy: I will build a custom wordpress website ( $995 )

    We’re a US-based agency of 20 with a dedicated team of specialists that design and build custom Wordpress (or Bootstrap) websites. We're the only Fiverr PRO-verified in WordPress, SEO, SEM, and Social Marketing, so you can trust your project is in the hands of digital marketing professionals.

    Looking for a new website or a redesign? We can turn your site into a beautiful, lead-generating machine. Here's our process:

    1. You complete our detailed intake form, which our design team will review
    2. You'll be presented with a design concept which we will revise with you until it's just what you want
    3. Our SEO team will apply proven on-page techniques
    4. Our development team will build the site on Divi ($89 value included free), or a theme you provide (ask first!) 
    5. We will set the build live for you 
    6. We provide a 30-day warranty

    Throughout the process, you'll be supported by our Client Relationship and Project Managers.

    Gig extras: Need content written? $50 per page. Need extra pages? $125 per page. Bootstrap? $500.

    With Heaviside, you can feel confident your project is in the care of PROs. Check out our portfolio here for samples!

    We're available 9AM-5PM Central US time to chat.
    1. Rema Renzullo

      We provide a 30 day warranty period after delivery that will cover any issues with the build, design, functionality, etc. If you’re interested in ongoing support, let us know and we can quote a support and maintenance package for you.

    1. Rema Renzullo

      We cannot begin work without the content for the site — you must provide it for us to begin, or purchase a gig extra and have us write it for you.

    1. Rema Renzullo

      No we do not, but feel free to ask and we can provide recommendations. It’s always in your best interest to fully control the hosting of your website.

    1. Rema Renzullo

      We have gone through a vetting process conducted by a Fiverr team of experts. They have verified that we are experienced professionals, with a great track record and high-level deliveries. We have a team dedicated to providing professional search engine optimization services!

    1. Rema Renzullo

      Yes, that’s why we use Divi — it’s one of the most common/popular themes out there. It is very well documented and there are tons of articles, websites, videos, etc that cover how to use it.

    1. Rema Renzullo

      No, we do not work with email at all, including during your migration. You’ll need to work with your IT professionals for that.

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