1. Andrea Isales Answer

    I found that guy: I will build a high converting landing page ( $100 )

    --Please message me before placing an order--

    The first crucial step to establishing a strong online presence is a professional website. However, to generate leads, you need a professional landing page. 

    My goal is to help you get those leads with a custom, tailored to your brand, landing page.

    What will you get?

    • professional design
    • fast speed(below 1 second loading time)
    • pixel/google tag manager/other integrations included
    • conversion-based structure
    • 90+ grade score

    Why work with me? You will have the guarantee to have your UNIQUE landing page and not a template everyone is using. Using minimum code and converted images, the loading speed of the website can be extremely fast, even on 3G mobile connections. Proper design and UX contributes to the conversion rate, along with the mentions above. 
    1. Andrea Isales

      Yes. You can use any free HTML editors that will show you only the text, which you can edit. Most of the hosting providers offer the possibility to open the index.html(in our case) to edit the text.

    1. Andrea Isales

      Yes. In that case, I also recommend using the SEO package. My websites rank below 1million Alexa rank(that’s around 300 unique visits/day) usually between 6months and 1year(without investing in ads).

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