1. Ernest Barkan Answer

    I found that guy: I will build a restful API backend using nodejs ( $500 )

    The back-end is an important part of any dynamic web application. It'll allow you to collect users data in a single private place and implement integrations that wouldn't be possible with just a front-end app.

    In this gig, I offer back-end application development with a RESTful API that can receive and send processed data back to a client, and integrate it with a third-party API of choice. It can be a payment provider, mail sending service, CRM, single sign-on provider or any other.

    - A single endpoint that receives data
    - Simple business logic
    - API or Database integration

    - 2 endpoints that receive data
    - More complex business logic
    - API or Database Integration
    - Set up a Database with a single table

    - Up to 3 endpoints that receive data
    - Advanced business logic
    - API or Database Integration
    - Set up a Database with up to 3 tables
    - Session mechanism

    Order the extras if you need to integrate more APIs, save more data, or have more endpoints.

    Contact me before placing the order to discuss details and get a more precise estimate. In most cases, I create a custom offer for this gig that includes all the requirements after the initial discussion.
    1. Ernest Barkan

      Almost any, I’ve built backends for games, surveys, IQ tests, chatbots, customer portals, financial applications, dashboards, and others.

    1. Ernest Barkan

      I will create a backend application from scratch using JavaScript (ES6) best practices that will have a modular structure, extendible routing mechanism, and database migrations. Deploy the application to a Heroku instance for a demo. WIll do a quick code walkthrough upon delivery.

    1. Ernest Barkan

      I have more than 10 years of software development experience, worked with clients and projects of different scale, and always strive to offer a great service. I have many clients that I’ve done multiple projects for and who enjoy working with me.

    1. Ernest Barkan

      I’ve worked with many popular APIs: Google (+Youtube), Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twilio, Square Up, Shopify, AutopilotHQ, and a countless number of less known and internal APIs.

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