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    I found that guy: I will build display ad campaigns for shopify and ecommerce stores ( $250 )

    We’re a US-based agency of 20 with a dedicated team of specialists that build and optimize Google AdWords PPC campaigns. In just the last year, we’ve managed over $588k spend across more than 100 campaigns.  Here's what we do:

    * We are a Google Partner agency with Search, Display, and Mobile specializations. We are in the top 1% of agencies in our class. Ask for details. 

    This is for display AdWords campaigns — and is specifically designed for ecommerce stores. Facebook is very expensive for Shopify, which is why many brands are turning to display ads to get their products in front of customers profitably.

    We will build you attention-grabbing display ads designed to bring interested traffic to your store.

    How It Works

    You fill out our questions and provide access to the AdWords assets. We will get back to you with any questions and then proceed with the build. Once complete, we will notify you it is available for review. We will then make any requested changes and set the campaign live.

    After that, if you have Standard or above our team will continue to manage the account through the month.

    Questions? We're available 9am-5pm Central US time.

    1. My Dezzutti

      Yes, it can be. We will work on your (or your client’s) account through our AdWords manager account (MCC). Reporting can also be fully white-labeled.

    1. My Dezzutti

      For the Basic gig, we will build 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600. These cover 78% of the available inventory and are the most cost-effective. For Standard and Premium we will also include 468×60, 120×600, 300×100, 300×600, and 320×50.

    1. My Dezzutti

      Yes, you should be willing to spend $10/day or $300/month. We find that if you’re counting on a lower budget to get results, this is probably not the best approach for you to take. Also, even if your budget is $5,000 per month, we recommend starting slowly and testing to see what works.

    1. My Dezzutti

      We have gone through a vetting process conducted by a Fiverr team of experts. They have verified that we are experienced professionals, with a great track record and high-level deliveries. We have a team dedicated to providing professionally managed Facebook Ads services!

    1. My Dezzutti

      Yes — that’s what we typically do for our clients. You’ll have to repurchase the gig every month you’d like management and optimization. New campaign builds are included in that as well. Our goal is to drive results at an optimal cost per result, and that’s what we manage to.

    1. My Dezzutti

      Yes, all campaigns are built by a Digital Marketing Specialist and reviewed by a Digital Marketing Manager first. Then campaigns are client-reviewed before they are published. There are rarely major changes, but we find clients like to make a few tweaks to it — and we’re happy to accommodate that!

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