1. Dimple Amendola Answer

    I found that guy: I will build out a verified list of US media contacts ( $100 )

    Businesses and PR agencies alike pay thousands of dollars for qualified media lists! As a veteran PR pro with 12 years of experience, I can create top-tier national and local media lists and give you direct access to journalists for a fraction of the price! Industries included:
    • Print/Newspaper
    • Online/Blogs
    • Radio
    • Broadcast/T.V.
    I will pull from my contact lists over a variety of industries and take care of the heavy lifting to create an ideal journalists/media contact list based on your industry. I will also vet each contact to make sure they are still with the publication and in the same position.

    There is nothing worse than when a journalist is CC'd on a press release that was sent to 100+ other people! With this list, you can take the time and send personalized emails directly to the right contact, increasing your likelihood of receiving coverage!

    Let me help you meet your media and publicity goals!
    1. Dimple Amendola

      Great question! What you send is up to you, but ideally people send pitches (a brief, compelling write up about your news/product), press releases, blogs or articles.

      If you don’t know how to write any of these, please see my other gigs. I can write them for you!

    1. Dimple Amendola

      After more than a dozen years in the industry, I have developed a database of journalists from a variety of industries. If I don’t have the contact in my list, I will personally research the outlet and reporter and verify them on my end before adding to your media list.

    1. Dimple Amendola

      Journalists are constantly receiving email pitches, but seldom are they tailored specifically to what the journalist needs to see in order to cover the news. These media lists will allow you to speak directly to the appropriate contact, so that you may increase your likelihood of getting covered.

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