1. Alex Lugo Answer

    I found that guy: I will build unique facebook contests and capture qualified leads ( $350 )

    Volt Digital Co. is a Philadelphia based digital marketing agency with a focus on Facebook advertising. In 5 years, we have worked with 100+ companies - setting up full-scale strategic Facebook campaigns A few examples include Lowe's, World Vision, and Verizon.

    After years of testing, we have developed a proven technique for running social media contests to quickly build email lists with qualified leads. This is great for companies who want to leverage email marketing for growth. 

    Get started is 5 simple steps

    1. Contact us BEFORE buying this job to schedule an introduction call.
    2. We will consult you about ad spend and the prize, if not already chosen. 
    3. Then, we will create, design, and monitor the contest to ensure maximum effectiveness!
    4. You will then email us with any brand assets. This includes logos, any branded images, access to social accounts, brochures, etc...
    5. We draft the contest and send to you for approval before launching!

    In addition to Facebook ads, we offer Wordpress websites, FB/IG management, on-page SEO, and video editing!

     Shoot us a message and let’s talk! 

    1. Alex Lugo

      No, it is not. The ad spend used for campaigns is totally separate from the labor fees. You will set up your own form of payment on Facebook and it will show up as a charge from Facebook on your bank statement.

    1. Alex Lugo

      Typically it will run for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks we analyze what is or is not working, and relaunch a new campaign for the remaining 2 weeks.

    1. Alex Lugo

      Fiverr Pro gigs are the top-of-the-line services offered here on Fiverr. It means that the seller is an absolute professional and has provided proof of success. Fiverr Pro Sellers are personally invited to become a ‘Pro’ by Fiverr Success Managers!

    1. Alex Lugo

      This usually depends on your goals and contest duration. However, we suggest spending no less than $200 for a contest.

    1. Alex Lugo

      We make sure to answer every client within 12 hours of their inquiry. This rule stands for both current and potential clients. Contact us on Fiverr and we will respond ASAP!

    1. Alex Lugo

      No, we offer a variety of services such as social media management, on-page SEO, WordPress website design, and video editing. If you are interested in a full-scale digital marketing package then please let us know!

    1. Alex Lugo

      Results vary based on a number of factors including the contest prize and available ad spend budget. Once we receive your intake form, analyze your audience, and forecast their desire for the contest prize, then we are able to give you rough estimates of what to expect. Always less than $1/lead*.

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