1. Freida Braman Answer

    I found that guy: I will build you a customized email marketing strategy ( $150 )

    You've heard time and time again... Email is dead! (You've probably heard that today before reading this Gig, amirite?) To be honest, it's actually true but only if you don't know what the heck you're doing. You see, Newbies say this because they spam the heck out of people and cry because it's not working. Duh! Obviously, this doesn't work.

    Wanna know what really works? Creating laser-focused campaigns! 

    Now, you can spend tons of time and money perfecting this craft or you can team up with someone who's been doing it successfully for years. 

    I've sent over millions of emails since 2003. I've learned a thing or two about creating winning email campaigns and this Gig is your chance to virtually rent my brain and experience. You can consider me your email marketing partner to jumpstart your campaigns. Don't wanna get stuck doing it all yourself? I even offer implementation services.

    If you're serious about creating a winning email marketing campaign, working with me will get you there! 

    Got questions? Send me a message and I'll answer you ASAP.

    See you on the other side.
    1. Freida Braman

      That’s actually not a bad thing. What good is an email list without a strategy? You can build this before the strategy.

    1. Freida Braman

      It’s highly likely that 30 minutes is enough but on occasion, it may be necessary to go over the time. I’m ok with going a few minutes over if it’s needed.

    1. Freida Braman

      I Can BUT I do NOT offer this service. I do, however, have PROVEN templates that I can share with you at $5 per template

    1. Freida Braman

      I’m VERY comfortable with ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft. Anything else, I’m sure I can figure it out but there most likely would be a learning curve.

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