1. Curt Dumphy Answer

    I found that guy: I will build you a messenger bot chatbot in manychat or chatfuel ( $150 )

    Please message me before ordering a gig.

    Are you tired of the terrible open rates and click-through rates of your email marketing? Would you like to save yourself hours of time and money?

    Then you need a Facebook Messenger bot. 

    Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 Billion Active Users. What does this mean? Your customers are already using the platform.

    What's more important is the fact that marketing through Facebook Messenger has an incredible average of 80% open rate and 65%+ click-through rate. Could you imagine if email performed the same?

    With my 14+ years of digital marketing experience and 9 digital marketing certifications, I will get your company on the forefront of this nearly untapped market before your competition beats you to it.

    Let a Messenger bot automate marketing tasks and do your work for you.

    Work Process
    • Message me for your FREE consultation
    • I'll help decide which platform is best for you, ManyChat or Chatfuel.
    • I will design your conversation flow based on your marketing and business goals.
    • After launching, I offer FREE post-sales support and maintenance.

    Live bot demos: https://m.me/WebbyUp?ref=fiverr
    1. Curt Dumphy

      I have over 14 years of digital marketing experience and have done everything from PPC and Facebook Ads management, Email Marketing and Funnel Building, to Content marketing and more. My entire work history contributes to the strategies that work extremely well with Messenger Marketing.

    1. Curt Dumphy

      A strategy that successfully uses Facebook Messenger to meet your marketing goals. Whether that’s gaining new leads, qualifying leads, or facilitating a sale or customer service. Many people can build a chatbot through ManyChat but not a lot of people can give you a strategy that generates income.

    1. Curt Dumphy

      Absolutely! In fact, it’s one my specialties. Many people can put together a bot for you but not many know how to create a strategy that will generate actual paying customers. I combine my 14 years of digital marketing success with your bot to create a Messenger Marketing strategy that works!

    1. Curt Dumphy

      Messenger Bots are perfect for any company that would like to communicate with their customers on a channel that people still engage with. Email inboxes have become so cluttered and oversaturated that messages often go unseen. With 80%+ open-rates, that is not the case with Messenger Marketing.

    1. Curt Dumphy

      Your leads can be transferred directly into your current CRM. Either through a Zapier integration or custom API integration.

    1. Curt Dumphy

      Every business has unique needs. Because of this, I recommend that you message me to discuss your needs first. Together, we will decide on the right package to achieve your business goals.

    1. Curt Dumphy

      A piece of software designed to communicate with humans through a messaging platform like Facebook Messenger. It automates simple tasks and conversations and hands off the conversation to a human at the right time.

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