1. Byron Newnam Answer

    I found that guy: I will build your custom excel spreadsheet ( $100 )

    With Over 65+ 5 Star Reviews, We Are Now Offering Pro Gig! Check My Profile To See All The Reviews!

    Do you need Excel to do more for you, with customer friendly user forms and dashboards that translate your data into insights and make it easy to understand your business? If so, then you came to the right gig!

    I am Robert, and I have more than 12 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies to improve their quality, performance, and customer experience utilizing data. I lead a team of professionals who are trained in many current business management methodologies to drive improvement.

    We can do anything you need in Excel:

    • Consultation
    • VBA & Automation
    • Formulas
    • Dashboards
    • Contact me for custom orders covering literally anything else

    Why choose me and my team?
    • 25 years experience in process improvement, data analysis, management, project management
    • Certified Black Belt in Six Sigma, Gamification
    • over 300 satisfied customers across Fiverr and our website!

    It is always best to contact us prior to ordering to ensure you get what you are expecting at the best price.

    *all VBA code is proprietary and owned by Intellivega LLC

    1. Byron Newnam

      Our workflow consists of:
      1. A consultation to determine your exact needs
      2. A Project Outline
      3. Design Phase
      4. Build Phase
      5. Collaboration and updates through the process
      6. An initial project draft for your review
      7. Revisions
      8. Bug fixes for up to 30 days after the project ends

    1. Byron Newnam

      We are experienced in:
      1. Website Development from WordPress to Custom needs
      2. Google Sheets: Automation, Macros, Dashboards, Lead Generation Forms
      3. Web Application Development
      4. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Projects
      5. Performance Management Consultation
      6. Gamification
      7. Just ask!

    1. Byron Newnam

      My PRO status signifies that I have been vetted by the Fiverr team as a real professional who can be trusted to get your work done right. I have been through an application, interview and review process to attain this elite status. I am also the only PRO in my category to be a level 2 seller.

    1. Byron Newnam

      You can expect a level of professionalism that surpasses any other Fiverr. We will start with a consultation to review your exact project needs followed by constant updates on the status of your project. We will treat you with the same commitment we have given to our Fortune 500 clients.

    1. Byron Newnam

      No, we do not do homework. I am glad to tutor you if you need help learning. Please see my tutoring gigs available on my profile.

    1. Byron Newnam

      When I say Automation, I mean we can do almost anything to reduce the work you do and increase the work your PC does. This includes having a single button to import data, connect to your database, process data, and turn it all into something your team can understand to make business good decisions!

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