1. Wai Ar Answer

    I found that guy: I will build your email automation autoresponder in mailchimp

    Whether you need a welcome campaign to greet your new subscribers, a cart abandonment campaign, or any other automation, I will set it up for you inside your MailChimp account. I'll take away the burden of figuring out the intricate MailChimp segmentation rules, tagging, triggers and send rules. 

    You give me: emails that need to go into the sequence in a Google Doc format (if you need copywriting for the emails, check out the gig extra).

    You get:
    • a ready-to-launch automated campaign in MailChimp,
    • freed up time,
    • confidence that your subscribers won't receive duplicate emails or receive the emails they were not supposed to see,
    • effortless efficiency 
    1. Wai Ar

      I’m a full-stack email marketing pro, so if you have any questions beyond the automation setup, such us improving your open rates and click rates, getting more people to read your emails, reaching new audiences, etc., I’m available for a consultation. Just send me a message with your questions. ?

    1. Wai Ar

      ?Flawless automation setup from a MailChimp pro with 5+ years of experience.
      ?Appropriate automation triggers, segmentation, timing, and send rules.
      ✅Deliverability-optimized emails: your emails will be set up in way to go through as many filters and “promotions” boxes as possible.

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