1. Lanie Grode Answer

    I found that guy: I will build your facebook ads ( $250 )

    Ready for some Facebook Ad Traffic?

    You're either not exactly sure how to do it or you need someone that knows what they're doing to do it AND/OR walk you through the process.

    That's what this gig is ALL ABOUT.

    I'm Carlos and I'm your HANDS-ON COACH with a proven track record.  

    What's that mean? 

    I can dive into your Facebook Ad Account and build your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

    Now, if you're the visual learning type and want me to reveal my tactics for building some seriously engaging ads, then I CAN DO THEM WITH YOU!

    So here's how it works:

    1. Once you order the gig, You'll add my company to your Business manager as a partner. 
    2. You'll send me info about your product, pages, target audience, etc.
    3. If you chose the "done with you" option, you'll get a link to my calendar to book a time.
    4. Then, we build either together or I'll just get it done for you

    1. Lanie Grode

      Yes, this gig will cover the review of 1 ad campaign, 1 ad set, 1 ad. So if you have a campaign with multiple ads, please choose the ad you’d like me to direct my attention to.

    1. Lanie Grode

      Eek! I really wish I could but I can’t BUT, here’s what I can guarantee, you’ll be working with someone who not only knows what they’re doing but has a track record.

    1. Lanie Grode

      No it doesn’t, you will still need to set up a payment method inside of Facebook for them to charge your account for the ads.

    1. Lanie Grode

      There are roughly 2 phases in the Facebook ad budget process. The first one is the learning phase. This is where Facebook will use it’s collected data to find the perfect viewers for your ads. I recommend planning to spend between $300 – $500 during this process.

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