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    I found that guy: I will commercially assess your story idea as a pro editor ( $300 )

    Got a great story? This is your chance to have it assessed by an Amazon, Washington Post, and USA Today bestselling story architect.

    Having a strong outline is the first step to writing a book that sells. This gig includes:

    • A story outline template for you to complete, if needed. 

    • In-line comments inserted throughout your outline/synopsis.

    • A 15 - 45 minute voice recording of summary insights.

    Story assessment allows you to:

    • Check that your story is commercially viable before you invest in editing.

    • Fix big picture issues, reducing your edits down the line.

    • Get pro feedback on the idea and story architecture, for a fraction of the cost of a major edit.

    Qs answered:

    • Commercial viability: Is the premise engaging?

    • Character dev: Is your hero well-formed? Does the external action progress their internal journey?

    • Pace & structure: Are scenes/subplots unnecessary; could others be added? Is the story interesting and surprising?

    Send me your current outline (synopsis or scene breakdown), or contact me for a template before ordering.

    NB: outline assessments are offered for works of fiction and memoir only. If you have a custom word count or request, feel free to contact me.
    1. Sade Honold

      Outline assessments are only offered for narrative (story-based) works, including non-fiction memoir. This does not include self-help, business books and essays. If you’re not sure of the genre of your story, or you’re working with a screenplay or other format, feel free to send me a PM to discuss.

    1. Sade Honold

      The more detail, the better. This might include a synopsis of the plot from start to finish, character profiles (incl. goals, motivations, conflicts and backstories), scene breakdowns, and sample scenes. I can also provide an outline template if needed; please contact me for this prior to ordering.

    1. Sade Honold

      It includes comments inserted throughout the text you submit, as well as an in-depth report summarizing key insights and recommendations.

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