1. Leatha Faria Answer

    I found that guy: I will complete a usability test on a wordpress website ( $100 )

    A fresh pair of experienced eyes can offer priceless insights to improving your website's effectiveness

    My WordPress UX audit service includes testing both mobile and desktop devices on today's most popular web browsers
    . I have completed over 1,000 usability tests and audits over the past few years.

    I review your website's color scheme, layout, and formatting. I look for inconsistencies & accessibility problems. Is it easy to understand and use? Is it trustworthy? 

    Everything from Basic plus on-page SEO, site speed analysis, and a technical audit.  This test includes having 3 regular users test the site. This helps you understand how people really use your site and where improvements are necessary.

    Everything from Standard plus reviewing 2 competitor websites. You will receive a report of your website's issues and competitor site issues. This helps you improve your UX while keeping up with competition. This can improve your website's ability to convert traffic drastically! 

    I can perform tests on the following devices:

    • Windows Computer
    • Android Phone or Tablet
    • iPhone
    1. Leatha Faria

      No one likes visiting a slow website, or a site where it’s unclear as to what to do. Usability testing can catch these problems and find ways to solve them. When a website is easy to follow and explore, they generate more leads. I have the non-bias, professionally trained eyes your website needs.

    1. Leatha Faria

      Not at all. For non-English websites, I will have to omit the content audit. I can still check for UI/UX suggestions and technical improvements.

    1. Leatha Faria

      You will receive a multi-page PDF. This document is broken into sections focusing on user interface, user experience, content analysis, and the technical audit. Screenshots and comments can all be found within this document.

    1. Leatha Faria

      A usability test helps you improve your website’s effectiveness. You will learn about issues with the user experience, on-page content, and overall structure of the interface design. Fixing these problems will lead to happier website visitors and more leads for your business.

    1. Leatha Faria

      That is up to you. Even if your website is “perfect” and getting “plenty of business” you need to ask yourself a question. Would you like more business? Similar to A/B testing, you never know when you’re leaving traffic or sales on the table. A usability test is never a waste of time.

    1. Leatha Faria

      I have been building websites since the late 1990s and with WordPress for nearly a decade. I have launched hundreds of WordPress websites. On Fiverr alone, I have performed over 1,000 website audits and user testing jobs.

    1. Leatha Faria

      Yes. There is a “Gig Extra” to upgrade your order to white label. For white label orders, you have the option to receive the delivered PDF without branding OR you can provide your own branding for me to include.

    1. Leatha Faria

      Typically, yes. After reviewing your document, just let me know which adjustments you want implemented and I can send you a custom offer for the work.

    1. Leatha Faria

      I check your source code for certain “signals” that should be present. There are also design elements (contrast, content sizing, behavior) that need to be considered for improving accessibility.

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