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    I found that guy: I will compose an amazing soundtrack for your film or documentary ( $175 )

    Looking to create an original soundtrack for your film production? Does your video require the perfect soundtrack to enhance its appeal? Allow me to assist! 

    Be original. Use custom-made music for your project. 


    With 30+ years of experience as a film music composer, my passion lies within the creation of crafting a fitting piece of music for your film or documentary, one that will set the mood and enhance the visual and narrative component. My extensive experience includes the creation of music for film, television, theatre and advertisements. As a professional concert pianist and composer, my composition styles include: cinematic, minimalist, classical, contemporary, pop, jazz and world/ethnic.


    • Let's discuss the project, specifications and expectations in detail
    • Buyer places order and fills out Gig requirements
    • Creative process begins! 
    • Delivery of the project by industry norms and deadlines.
    • Notes/Revisions 
    • Finished project delivered... and cheers!

    *Please contact me prior to placing your order. Let's discuss the Gig in detail and tailor the specifications around your requirements.

    1. Classie Opeka

      Yes, I will develop and arrange your theme. You will keep the rights, however I do require credits.
      Please provide the score with the theme, chords and instructions.

    1. Classie Opeka

      I offer the following services:
      – music composition
      – play your composition on the piano
      – produce music for your ad
      – compose a string arrangement for your composition
      – make a symphonic arrangement of your composition

      Contact me for more details!

    1. Classie Opeka

      Formally, unlimited amount of revisions. That said, if more than 1 revision is required then it’s usually a sign something hasn’t gone through in the communication stage. I take each project seriously and aim for perfection. I don’t hit record before I clearly understand the end result.

    1. Classie Opeka

      You will get the care, attention, guidance and work of a top recording artist with over 30 years of experience! You will receive a high-level professional track that is custom created for your song and vision.

    1. Classie Opeka

      Being a PRO seller on Fiverr means that I have been vetted by a team of experts who have validated my professional experience, stellar track record and high level delivery track record. I’m excited and honored to be a part of PRO.

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