1. Sterling Warshauer Answer

    I found that guy: I will consult your business using excel ( $100 )

    Do you feel like crunching numbers in excel takes too much of your valuable time?
    Are you flooded by information and need a visual dashboard with the most important KPIs for making better business decisions?
    Are you sick of doing repetitive excel tasks over and over again and want them automated?
    Are you stuck in Excel and can't figure out the best way to calculate or present a lot of raw data in a structured way for improved productivity?

    If you can answer any of the above questions with yes, then you need someone to step in and take this stuff of your hands.
    I have 10+ Years of experience in Excel, Macro and VBA development, and also a business degree in controlling and international management.

    I will consult you on how to take your Excel files to the next level and help you to create a tailormade excel sheet that suits your needs, e.g. with

    • process automation / macros
    • mgmt dashboards
    • complex formulas

    So you can spend more time to work on your business, not in your business.
    If you are looking for Excel skills that you, your customers and ultimately your business benefit from, then click on the green "Contact Me" button on the right and let's get to know each other.
    1. Sterling Warshauer

      I sure am.

      Having spent a year in the United States and having two former english-speaking superiors, my english skills are really good.

    1. Sterling Warshauer

      I have 10+ Years of experience in Excel, Macro and VBA development, and have previously worked as a controller, business consultant and project manager. Apart from that, I have consulted companies of all sizes across all industries with various Excel tasks.

    1. Sterling Warshauer

      Being a PRO seller means that I am a hand-vetted professional and field expert seller here on Fiverr. PRO statuses are given through a rigorous application and screening process and are only assigned to sellers who have mastered their craft.

    1. Sterling Warshauer

      Sure, just get in touch and let’s discuss the purpose for which you need a template / tool, and I will see if I have something fitting in my portfolio.

    1. Sterling Warshauer

      Yes, absolutely.

      Let’s talk about the prerequisites and your desired outcome, and I will create a custom solution for you.

    1. Sterling Warshauer

      I sure do. When you or your employees need coaching or encounter a problem while using Excel, I am happy to assist you in a short call with screen sharing, to virtually look over your shoulder and help you out.

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