1. Loura Clarkin Answer

    I found that guy: I will copyedit or proofread your novel ( $150 )

    * Please request a custom order for larger word counts.

    Has your manuscript already been edited? Fantastic. But that’s only the first step of the production process. We can provide a fresh set of eyes on your project and get you one step closer to the quality read you strive to give your readers.

    Proofreading (manuscript level):
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
    • Usage

    You’re almost ready to go. Your manuscript’s been through edits and copyediting, and you feel like you’ve read it so many times you can recite it by heart. But… you’d feel better with just one more set of eyes on your book before it goes live.

    Oops Detection(TM) (report):
    • Spelling / usage
    • OBVIOUS punctuation (missing terminal punctuation, missing quote marks, double punctuation, etc.)
    • Editing artifacts (missing spaces, double spaces, etc.)
    • Formatting errors, if a formatted (.mobi, .amz, .prc, etc.) file is submitted

    The difference between manuscript level work and the report is that with manuscript level Track Changes is utilized. With a report, you need to make the changes manually.

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