1. Charlesetta Art Answer

    I found that guy: I will craft a bestselling amazon book description ( $100 )

    **USA Today, Washington Post & Amazon bestselling editor**

    Warning: This gig is for ADULT FICTION & MEMOIR ONLY. Fiverr penalizes sellers for canceled orders, so non-fiction authors must contact me prior to ordering. Thanks!

    The book description (or back cover blurb) is the text that convinces a reader to give your story a chance. It must be full of intrigue; a tasty enticement to take a bigger bite. 

    For just $100 I'll craft an Amazon book description that:

    • Introduces the reader to a character they can emotionally invest in.

    • Presents your premise and opening hook in an intriguing light.

    • Conveys a tone and language targeted to your genre.

    • Includes two rounds of revisions, reflecting your feedback and vision.


    • Critiquing your cover art. Is the design professional, and well targeted to your prime demographic? 

    • A new author bio, that will get to the heart of your storytelling.

    Samples of blurbs I've crafted can be seen above, and illustrate why I consistently attract great reviews.

    ADULT FICTION & MEMOIR ONLY, please. Self-help, children's books, and business books will be canceled, resulting in seller penalties. If you're unsure, contact me first.
    1. Charlesetta Art

      If your book is story based (i.e. a memoir) then I’d be happy to write your description. If your book is self-help, a textbook, essay, or cook book, etc, I will recommend copywriters who are better suited. If you’re unsure, send me a message and sample to discuss.

    1. Charlesetta Art

      A 1 to 2 page synopsis of the novel (from start to finish) is required. I won’t include spoilers in the description, but I do need to understand the full scope of the story to best position its hook and selling points.

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