1. Jordon Ellert Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a 2d animated series, explainer or marketing video ( $2400 )



    All scripts/creative briefs must be submitted and approved before ordering!

    For consideration, you must provide the following 4 REQUIREMENTS:

    • A fully functional script or screenplay or  creative brief. (premium only)
    • Voice over audio (premium only)
    • Desired run-time (how long is your video?)
    • Style of animation or artwork you want. Any 2D style is possible! Package rates listed are for style seen in gig video above. If you do not have a sample or style in mind, I will assume you want the style in my gig video. 

      (All other art and animation are priced according to complexity. i.e. you can't get disney animation for $20)

      (if applicable, send me video links of sample animation you want or image files to review)


    • If you have artwork assets, logo's, music files etc, please send the source files for review
    • Your storyboard is optional but highly recommended.

    Full service 2D animation including:

    Explainer Videos
    Web Series
    Animated Series
    Feature Film
    Music Videos
    Film Shorts
    Character Animation
    Individual Assets for your project
    & more
    1. Jordon Ellert

      If you don’t provide any artwork or animation samples, I will assume you want the style in my gig video and quote accordingly.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      YES. If you see a gig with a 2D style you like, just send me the link. As long as it’s not copyrighted by the seller or another creator, I can create it. If it is copyrighted, we can create something 100% original that is inspired by their design. It will be 100% unique so as not to infringe.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      Under specific circumstances I will offer both as part of your package. We can discuss. You can easily, very very easily, get another Fiverr seller to create a script and voice over for you in 24 hours and send it to me. This way you have what you want, how you want it and I can focus on animation.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      I can do ANY style of animation and artwork as long as it’s 2D. From disney to anime, from family guy to south park. While there are other custom animators here, they ONLY do flat vector style. I can do ANY style. Typically your budget and ETA are the deciding factor, not my ability.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      My specialty is cartoon, prime time and traditional 2D animation. Other sellers only offer Vector Motion Graphic or Whiteboard which is often used for explainer videos. If you have a show idea, web series, kids cartoon, adult prime time series or just need something way cooler, I’m your animator.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      Original animation is based on A) Artwork detail/style B) Artwork volume – How much needs to be created C) Animation Complexity. These 3 factors will influence your quote. If at least 2 are high, expect the quote to be high. This is why I need to know visually, what it is you want created.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      Yes of course! I work with any and all 2D animation. The bonus working with me is that you aren’t limited to using templates other sellers will sell you. I can draw, customize and animate any style or technique you see on the internet.

    1. Jordon Ellert

      I encourage you to contact me first before ordering anything. We absolutely must discuss your project before I send you an offer.

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