1. Lisandra Krawitz Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a 30 second video for your social media ( $3000 )

    I will create a dynamic video for your instagram feed and IGTV. Includes, actors, scripted story or voiceover, product placement, editing and color correction. 

    As an Asian-American transgender woman storytelling is very important to me in commercials and branded content. I have a unique perspective that is rarely reflected, yet still universal and inclusive. 

    I am an actress and award-winning filmmaker. I've played ‘Coco’ in season 2 of TV Land’s Lopez and I double in Amazon's Transparent as Miss Van Nuys on screen and a Producer behind the scenes. My rom-com short Ryans, screened in over 15 film festivals worldwide after premiering at Outfest and won the Jury Award for Best North American Short. It is available on Seed & Spark and RevryTV.  My genre short film, Hexed, premiered last summer at Outfest LA Film Festival and is also streaming on Revry.TV. 

    With my background in production and in post. I know how to manage a project from start to finish, from idea inception to picture lock and delivery. I look forward to working with you! 

    1. Lisandra Krawitz

      No, not at all! I’m interested in all stories from different perspective and angles. Being LGBTQ is a part of who I am but does not define my artistry.

    1. Lisandra Krawitz

      Yes I do! I’m very familiar with the format and have shot 9×16 using different cameras. Some cameras you’ll have to turn it to it’s side to capture the image sideways (16×9) and you’ll have to rotate it in editing which I have done too.

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