1. Dana Weber Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a 3d model for a game ( $120 )

    Hi! My name is Lucas and I am a 3d modeler and texture artist based in Spain, I have worked for several independent game developers and have done many models for architecture and arch-viz studios. And I would be happy to work with you too! 

    What can you expect in this order? 
    The basic package comes with UVs and textures included in the order. In the standard and premium packages the textures has to be bought separately.

    Please make sure to contact me before making the order so that I can adjust it to your precise needs and deliver a high quality model! 

    I look forward to working with you!
    1. Dana Weber

      Creating high quality models optimised for game use requires time and expertise, and that doesn’t come free. Choosing the right artist from the beginning will save you time and money on the long term.

    1. Dana Weber

      I can model anything that you can find on a game environment, from debris and distant objects to the weapon or vehicle used by the main character. As long as you provide me with enough reference photos or drawings I can make it.

    1. Dana Weber

      Texturing is not a trivial matter on a 3d model, as it is the process that will make the model really pop out and make it look real. It should be treated as a whole new order as it depends a lot on the mood and goal of the game.

    1. Dana Weber

      Sadly characters are out of my zone of expertise, and I would not be able to provide you with good quality characters, at least for now.

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