1. Marvis Riggott Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a beautiful testimonial video for your brand ( $5000 )

    A testimonial is a great way to showcase a service or product while providing feedback and details from those who have had exposure and experience to it. It also provides the seller/editor with the unique ability to tailor an organic feedback around the selling points they believe are most important. A good testimonial will spend 10-25 seconds on each speaker. Each speaker will discuss something slightly different, though just just as relevant. Throughout the video, beautiful B-roll footage showcasing product shots and the product (or service) in use will build on the story being presented by the speakers and captivate the audience/keep the testimonial fresh and interesting. Licensed, royalty-free music catered to the topic is purchases and mixed into the background to add another layer to pique interest. Finally, fonts and title cards are added to either highlight who is speaking or important points of note that are being presented.
    1. Marvis Riggott

      Yes, let me know what you’re willing to spend and I will quote you on the additional costs. My package essentially covers lights, camera equipment, and sound equipment as well as my time for shooting and editing. I can hire talent and crew as needed.

    1. Marvis Riggott

      If you need volume, I’ll definitely work with you on a fair price to churn out multiple pieces. Example: A tech company created 6 different apps for different legacy brands. They want a separate testimonial showcasing a different delivered product for each client. Let’s talk.

    1. Marvis Riggott

      I can provide a series of potential locations for interviews or studio space based on the intended aesthetic for the production. A lot of people have their own office space or locations in mind, but we can cover these areas at an additional cost based on your budget.

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