1. Minna Tavernia Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a buyer persona for inbound marketing and sales ( $300 )

    Buyer Persona Development for Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales

    A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal client or stakeholder that you're looking to attract based on actual research and some educated speculation. Personas are the key to relevance, creating remarkable content, and scaling growth.

    This service is ideal for

    • Small Business CEOs, Presidents, Founders, and Owners

    • Marketing Managers

    • IT Managers

    • HubSpot Customers

    • Owners of Small Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies, HubSpot Certified Partners, and Website Design Agencies (100% White Label)

    Data will be gathered from existing customers or target prospects via one or more of the following

    • Analysis of social media profiles and posts of customers or target prospects

    • Analysis of search engine footprint of customers or target prospects

    • SurveyMonkey surveys (With Gig Extra)

    • Phone calls or GoToMeeting interviews (With Gig Extra)

    This service will be completed by a veteran marketer certified in

    • Inbound Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • Inbound Sales

    • Growth Driven Website Design

    • HubSpot Marketing Software

    Your confidentiality is assured with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Document available on request.

    1. Minna Tavernia

      To save time and money, inexperienced buyers of marketing services sometimes shortchange themselves — and their company’s futures — by merely guessing who they think their buyer personas are. It is only through actual research that the existence of a buyer persona can be validated.

    1. Minna Tavernia

      Yes. As mentioned earlier, if you believe that your most important (or second most important) ideal customer type are CFOs of NYC-based insurance companies with 100+ employees, I can definitely develop a thorough buyer persona that dramatically improves your marketing / sales strategy and impact.

  2. Valentine Wissman

    If my company doesn’t yet have a group of customers that we think represent a certain buyer persona, how can we get a buyer persona developed?

    1. Minna Tavernia

      When deciding the scope of a buyer persona, you generally have two options. I can either
      a) analyze a group of known people (your existing customers) in similar job roles in similar companies, or
      b) analyze a group of unknown people (your target prospects) in similar job roles in similar companies

    1. Minna Tavernia

      Depending on the Gig level that you’ve purchased (Basic, Professional, or Enterprise), I’ll analyze anywhere from 5 to 20 sets of social media profiles — and recent posts. If you have a list of specific people at specific companies that you believe fit this persona, I’ll use that input.

    1. Minna Tavernia

      Analyzing social media profiles and posts, as well as search engine footprint, of customers or target prospects can be a very effective way to build personas when you have no customer or prospects to ask questions. When you customers or prospects you can survey, the data is usually far superior.

    1. Minna Tavernia

      Every business needs to better understand who its customers are and what motivates those customers throughout the buyer’s journey. In fact, the smaller your budget, the less you can afford to make mistakes by allowing misguided assumptions to infect your marketing/sales strategy and campaigns.

    1. Minna Tavernia

      Then I look at social media profiles and posts of target prospects that you define. For example, if your ideal customer is CFOs of insurance companies with 100+ employees in NYC, the completed persona will help you attract those CFOs, in the right places, at the right time, in the right context.

    1. Minna Tavernia

      If you provide a list of existing customers (Name at Company) or target prospects (role at type of company), I look at content on search engine results to analyze the behaviors, motivations, and preferences of your ideal customers. The consensus develops into your buyer persona.

  3. Rogelio Plaza

    My sales team is really old-school and stubborn. And pretty much ignores every investment we make to try to help them. Is their hope?

    1. Minna Tavernia

      Sales teams need buyer personas as well so that sales professionals can make sure that they’re (a) investing their time with good fit prospects and (b) focusing on issues that matter most to each kind of buyer persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Both sales and marketing teams benefit.

  4. Lorelei Ellerson

    C’mon, I’ve been in this industry for 25 years. You mean to tell me that I don’t know who my buyer personas are?

    1. Minna Tavernia

      When an entrepreneur has been in their business for a long time, that person sometimes starts to believe that he or she is invincible and smarter than the market. However while that’s entrepreneurs opinions are valuable as an input, it’s just that: one of many required inputs.

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