1. Fidel Mccarville Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a case study for a marketing campaign ( $375 )

    Who are we? 

    We, at idbivanov, are a small digital marketing agency providing all-in-one solutions for brands of all sizes. Self-proclaimed futurists, design junkies, social media addicts, marketing overthinkers and content strategy enthusiasts, we strive towards the best possible results.

    What do we offer with this gig? 

    With this gig we offer to create a case-study for your particular marketing purpose. Depending on the type of offer you select (basic/standard/premium), you will receive a custom-made case study to review your process, campaign or service. 

    Why purchase this gig? 

    Case studies are a great way to show your B2B clients that your solution works. With us, you can ensure that you will receive an industry-standard report to skyrocket your brand. 

    • Transparent Approach 
    • Strategic Data Analytics 
    • Detailed Content Overiview 

    *** Make sure to contact us with more information about your particular case, before the purchase of this gig. *** 
    1. Fidel Mccarville

      If you need a case study that requires remote interviews and additional research, yes, I can do that. However, be sure to contact me beforehand, so that we discuss the creation of a custom offer for you.

    1. Fidel Mccarville

      The report is a case study and the content is defined by your particular service, product or marketing campaign.

    1. Fidel Mccarville

      All three offers require any relevant interview or statistical data to be provided beforehand. If the case study is branded under our own brand, it includes a calrification about where the data comes from. The premium option provides the possibility of a client/service provider remote interview.

    1. Fidel Mccarville

      Case studies are used for various scientific and business-related purposes. Usually, they are used as a B2B way to review and audit a particular case. The case can be related to a service, product, campaign and more.

    1. Fidel Mccarville

      The basic option case study is provided in a .PDF file format, while the standard and premium options are provided in a text-based file format of a particular choice selected by the seller.

    1. Fidel Mccarville

      The basic gig includes a case-study that is branded by us. You can’t remove our branding. If you want the case study to be white-label or branded for your particular brand, make sure to purchase the standard or premium options.

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