1. Jan Caggiano Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a clean and modern logo ( $595 )

    Your Brand Logo Mark is as equally important as the success of your business.

    Your logo mark is the face of your brand.

    Get an exclusive state of the art design service!

    I would create a sophisticatedclean and 
    modern logo mark absolutely from scratch. 
    Most importantly, it will be future proof and timeless.

    One flat price, I work until you fall in love with the logo!

    Why is this an exclusive pro offering?

    What you are getting is what you are paying for.
    Your project will be handled by a class A world 
    recognized designer that has worked on multiple 
    prestigious high end exclusive clients. 
    A designer with a university degree.

    100% Fully Custom Creations.

    Stage 1: You get 2 fully developed concepts
    Stage 2: Choose a concept, and receive 2 additional revisions
    Stage 3: Completion and final development

    Every second and every detail matter equally. 
    My job is done when the client is 105% satisfied 
    with the results.

    It will be a pleasure working together.
    Now lets create something beautiful

    "Creating beautiful brands one at a time"

    Ognen T.

    PRO Designer
    1. Jan Caggiano

      Your project will be handled by a true professional, a person with 10 years of experience internationally. Class A designer with a degree, design is his real and only profession. If you are looking for a prestigious, exceptional attention to detail, state of the art execution, you have found it.

    1. Jan Caggiano

      We can basically develop any kind of a logo. Any style, any look and feel. Please have a sharp on point brief. Strong well researched brief will lead to stronger results, for both client and designer.

    1. Jan Caggiano

      Yes, definitely. Every new logo mark produced by me gets a Transfer of Copyright document that gets personally signed by me. This transfers all usage rights of the new logo mark to the client, which then they gain full ownership.

    1. Jan Caggiano

      Do a few, but to them right! Quality always overrides speed. Every project is a meticulous piece of art that will represent something somewhere on this planet that potentially has a chance to be the next BIG thing!

    1. Jan Caggiano

      Of course, a real designer can design anything in any given format. Don’t shy away to make a request for any design related project.

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