1. Roger Thoresen Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a custom piano track for your project

    Please contact before ordering to discuss your project

    website:  https://www.mrkaplanmusic.co

    Gig Details:

    A Nashville based musician and music producer who will compose piano for your next song.

    I am a classically trained pianist who has been in the music industry for over 20 years.  I own and operate a commercial studio in Nashville, TN. The acoustic treatment was designed by Real Traps and the room was designed by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Nathan Dantzler. 

    Although I am classically trained in piano, I am able to play and write in most genres.  I am very skilled at sight reading as well as improvisation.


    Audio Interface and Amplifier:

    Emotiva XPA-2   

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo


    Mac Pro

    DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

    Logic Pro X

    Pro Tools 11


    Moog Sub 37 Bob Moog Tribute Edition

    Korg EPS-1 (1983, previously owned by Moby)

    Roland JU-06

    Roland TB-3

    Yamaha P-105 88 Key Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard​


    Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2

    Halford custom made near field monitors

    JBL 4311 wx-a (1970s')Yamaha NS-8 (1979)


    Arturia, East West, Fab Filter, Izotope, Omnisphere 2, Soundtoys, UA, Waves,

    1. Roger Thoresen

      I actually have two. It’s a tie between Mozart and Beethoven. I think they were both geniuses for different reasons. Mozart was a prodigy who composed and played beautifully. Beethoven was a great composer, but did not play the piano very elegantly. Regardless, they are both my heroes.

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