1. Julian Papps Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a fantastic branded video for you ( $3500 )

    Video production is a very creative process and no two films are the same. Whatever your customized needs are, we can accommodate. Feel free to reach out to get the conversation going.

    You will find us very friendly and easy to work with. We love going the extra mile to create a video you will be proud of for years to come.   

    For over 15 years Badcolors has been creating content for broadcast television and today's largest brands including Porsche, Coca-Cola, PwC, Ford, CrossFit and many more . We specialize in creating cinematic documentary style pieces that share the heart and passion of brands and businesses. 

    Badcolors is based in Houston, has a sister office in New England and travels nationally for various productions.  
    1. Julian Papps

      It’s always helpful to provide us with any logos or graphics that make sense to include in your finished film. You will also want to provide some sort of concept for the video.

    1. Julian Papps

      Yes. Each project is different. We prefer you reach out to us to discuss each project and its needs prior to beginning production.

    1. Julian Papps

      We ask a lot of questions in the beginning to understand the concept. We work with you to suggest options on what to film, in order to create a finished piece that effectively communicates your message. We deliver, you provide feedback and we adjust until we arrive at a finished piece.

    1. Julian Papps

      Yes. We have many voice over artists we work with and can handle a variety of accents. We can even produce films in other languages. Contact us for a custom quote.

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