1. Henry Bane Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a hand drawn logo and brand identity ( $560 )

    A logo is the most important part of a brand’s image. So why rely on typefaces alone to represent an entire company?

    Hand lettering is one of the best techniques for creating original and engaging logo designs. Rather than selecting from an list of pre-existing fonts that are likely to have your logo looking ordinary, hand lettering is tailor made to represent the value of a business.

    A hand lettered logo will:

    - Find the meaning and the spirit of the company and reflect it in custom, hand drawn letters

    - Ensure your company to have a unique logo

    What will you get with a hand lettered logo:

    - Show the values, personality, and quality standards of your business

    - Reveal the symbolism behind the company

    Make your company stand out and be sure that your logo represents the best qualities of it 

    1. Henry Bane

      Cover and profile images for Social media platforms. The platforms will be those that your company use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc)

    1. Henry Bane

      Not all the companies are equal, so their Stationery shouldn’t be either. You’ll have the chance to select up to five pieces from a list (Letterhead, Business card, Folder, Invoice, Email Signature, Labels, Stickers, etc) those that could suit best your company needs.

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