1. Creola Breu Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a live action explainer for you ( $7500 )


    ·       Pre - Production: scriptwriting, casting, bookings, legal coordination, etc.

    ·       Production: 1 shooting day with full crew: Director, Camera operators, Actor, Make-up artist,            etc.

    ·       Equipment: light, lenses, HD camera, slider, sound, etc.

    ·       Estimated travel cost and crew expenses

    ·       Post production: Video editing,  Animations (transitions, infographic overlays, demo, etc,)

            Delivery at any format requested. Royalty free music.

    1. Creola Breu

      Provide content for preparation of the script.
      Provide all the relevant Branding elements: Logo, font’s, color palette, pictures, etc.
      Provide materials for the preparation of demo (screenshots, screen recordings, UI project files, images, videos, mock-ups, etc.)

    1. Creola Breu

      The best place to start is by sending me a message and explaining your aims and objectives for this video.
      The you also need send me a brief, and references that you liked.
      From there, I will create as accurate costing as possible and describe the details of the production.

    1. Creola Breu

      After reviewing and discussing your initial brief, we’ll set to work developing the script and concept.
      Once approved, it’s on to pre production, filming, then adding, animations, then sound design, and were all done.

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