1. Else Wratchford Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a live action explainer video ( $4350 )

    Every day, brands large and small, old and new, traditional and disruptive, trust my production company to communicate what they do best. That's because communicating a brand story through motion pictures is what we do best. 

    We will provide relevant, effective and engaging live action explainer videos that connect your chosen audience with your brand. Through a variety of creatively integrated tactics,  I will work with you to shoot and deliver a Live Action Explainer Video. 

    We have experience creating successful videos for brands like Google, Time Magazine, Nestle, The University of Toronto, Childhood Cancer Canada, Catelli and many others.

    1. Else Wratchford

      I have extensive experience and education in film production, including a Masters in Film Production. I’m trusted by brands like Google, Nestle, and Netflix who’ve all engaged us with multiple projects. Our videos are creative, built to suite our clients needs and most importantly, get results.

    1. Else Wratchford

      We are based out of Toronto, but shoot everywhere. In the last year we’ve shot projects in Geneva, Washington DC, Vancouver, Calgary, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Florence, Italy.

    1. Else Wratchford

      I have knowledge and experience with every aspect of production, but always rely on a team of professionals to ensure that the quality of each video stands out.

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