1. Nigel Tharnish Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a logo all the essential branding assets ( $3500 )

    Hello we are The Branding People, we are a design studio based in Mexico City who specializes in brand construction and the development of communication assets with capabilities in brand and digital strategy and content production. We have collaborated with brands across the globe for the past 5 years.

    Our creative process begins with a Brand Scanning that will provide us with all the information we need to learn about you and your brand from the commercial to the personality aspects.

    We are a team of 15 minds coming from diverse creative fields including designers, project managers, marketers, illustrators, etc.

    We primarily clients come from these industries:

    - Beauty
    - Fashion and retail
    - Corporate
    - Creative services
    - Technology and new businesses 

    Every single project we touch will come out balancing our 3 core values: aesthetic, functionality and eloquence. 
    1. Nigel Tharnish

      Yes we do, we have two reliable partners with years of experience on app coding, we will deliver the full app from design to UX without any troube.

    1. Nigel Tharnish

      We created our own briefing process which consists on evaluating your target audience, competitors, brand´s ecosystem, brand´s personality and your graphic preferences through a digital form.

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