1. Fiona Garnet Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a powerpoint map for your presentation ( $100 )

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to top off your Powerpoint presentation with a map, for example for marketing, sales, controlling, or even top management presentations?

    I am an Excel, Powerpoint and visualization veteran with 10+ years of corporate and consulting experience and I can help you to convince your audience to better understand your data, whether for marketing, sales pitches, controlling, or even for the decision-making process in the top management. With a visual (heat) map, you are able to create a great presentation.

    What will you get:
    Silver4:3 format powerpoint maps on country and state level. On top, each template includes several flag and ‘pin’ icons. 
    Gold: more detailed set of PPT slides, depending on your individual required level of detail (e.g. ZIP code level)
    Excel model with possibility for Powerpoint Export and custom coloring / logo integration

    You can completely customize the PPT template to individualize your storytelling: Each administrative region / state comes as a single shape that can be edited or colored independently!

    Please contact me before you buy.

    1. Fiona Garnet

      All maps in the template are already there on a powerpoint level. I will generally create your specific needs in QGIS and then export the file to Powerpoint for editing.

    1. Fiona Garnet

      I have a vast collection of PPT templates in my portfolio that you can buy. When it comes to individual needs, we should speak about your scope beforehand, so I can create a tailormade solution for your specific level of detail.

    1. Fiona Garnet

      Being a PRO seller means that I am a hand-vetted professional and field expert seller here on Fiverr. PRO statuses are given through a rigorous application and screening process and are only assigned to sellers who have mastered their craft.

    1. Fiona Garnet

      I sure am. Having spent a year in the United States and having two former english-speaking superiors, my english skills are really good.

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