1. Yong Luehrs Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a professional, compelling instagram video ad ( $200 )

    High-Quality, 100% custom Short Instagram ad video services to client's worldwide. 

    • NO Templates
    • NO 'GOAnimate'
    • NO Clipart.

    What is included with the BASIC package?
    • Custom Simple Artwork 
    • Custom Simple Editing 
    • Royalty Free Background Music
    • 15 Second Ad 
    • Full HD 1:1 Export
    • 1 Round of Revisions
    • 4 Day Turnaround 

    What is included with the STANDARD package?
    Everything listed in the BASIC package PLUS

    • Script-Writing 
    • Professional Voice-over artist 
    • Scene Outline
    • Custom Advanced Artwork 
    • Custom Advanced Editing 
    • 30 Second Ad 
    • Full HD 1:1 Export
    • 2 Round of Revisions
    • 7 Day Turnaround 
    What is included with the PREMIUM package?
    Everything listed in the STANDARD package PLUS

    • Custom Professional Artwork 
    • Custom Professional Editing
    • 1 Extra format included i.e. Facebook/Youtube/Twitter
    • 1 Extra export of shortened length 
    • 60 Second Ad 
    • Sound Effects
    • Full HD 1:1 Export
    • 10 Day Turnaround 

    For custom orders or if you simply wish to talk about your video, please do not hesitate to drop me a message at any time of the day. 
    1. Yong Luehrs

      Do not worry! Being creative is 100% our job, not yours. We take care of every element from pre-post production. All we need from you is a basic understanding of what you are wishing to advertise.

    1. Yong Luehrs

      We sure do! We can add subtitles of your choice of language over the animations. We can also create the animation in different languages, simply drop us a message to inquire further on your exact needs.

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