1. Yon Rinebarger Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a short motion graphics ad for your brand ( $1400 )

    Want to spice up your brand? This gig is for you!
    A great motion graphics ad is a great tool to catch a viewer's eye.

    Whether it's a sale you want to promote, a short commercial or just a few words about your business, we can do it for you in a cool and professional way using appealing motion graphics incorporating your brand logo and visual language. 
    1. Yon Rinebarger

      Well, it can be lots of things.
      First, it can generally emphasize your brand, pinpointing it’s main values.
      Secondly, you can use it to promote anything you want – Sales, new features, special announcement.

    1. Yon Rinebarger

      Motion Graphics is basically anything that has movement and not based on live action or character animation.
      It can be beautiful typography, shapes, icons, logos – Any graphic asset that moves beautifully is “motion graphics”

    1. Yon Rinebarger

      There are many ways to incorporate your brand in an ad, but the most inportant assets are your brand logo, colors and fonts.

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