1. Rogelio Large Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a social media content calendar for inbound marketing ( $250 )

    Social Media Content Calendar for Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook)

    Every day, 2 billion searches are conducted on Twitter. 172,800 new users join LinkedIn. And 422 million status updates are posted to Facebook. Is your company capitalizing on this insatiable thirst for helpful content?

    This service is for

    • Small Business CEOs, Presidents, Founders, and Owners

    • Marketing Managers

    • IT Managers

    • HubSpot Customers

    • Owners of Small Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies, HubSpot Certified Partners, and Website Design Agencies (100% White Label)

    As part of the Social Media Content Calendar, you’ll get professionally copywritten status updates for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook that take into account all relevant social media best practices including

    • Topic keyword selection

    • Hashtags

    • @mentions

    • Buyer persona strategy

    • Buyer’s journey strategy

    • Goal attainment strategy

    • Text content

    • Multimedia content

    This service will be completed by a veteran marketing and sales professional certified in

    • Inbound Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • Inbound Sales

    • Growth Driven Website Design

    • HubSpot Marketing Software

    • HubSpot Sales Software

  2. Rubie Erekson

    Does my company need to have well fleshed-out buyer persona documents to benefit from a Social Media Content Calendar?

    1. Rogelio Large

      No. It’s very important to have an idea of who you think your core buyer personas are. But detailed buyer persona documents can be built out and refined iteratively from what you learn from your social media interactions as you share content.

    1. Rogelio Large

      Does your company generate leads, sales opportunities, and new customers that originate on the social media platforms that are most important to your core buyer personas? If not, you need a Social Media Content Calendar for Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.

    1. Rogelio Large

      If you’re expecting overnight results and have unrealistic expectations, this isn’t for you. Social media is a long-term strategy for attracting visitors (that haven’t yet heard of your business), converting leads, and improving customer service. Thought leaders love social media. Is that you?

  3. Leif Sicurella

    I see this service covers Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Are those the right social media channels to prioritize for your business?

    1. Rogelio Large

      By developing buyer personas, you’ll learn where your most important economic buyers hang out online and offline, what they care most about, and how to reach them. In terms of targeting specific channels, most start with a best guess and let the data collected shape priorities going forward.

    1. Rogelio Large

      Is your company getting found by the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and in the right context? If not, you need a Social Media Content Calendar.

    1. Rogelio Large

      It depends on many variables — the biggest of which is the quality/relevance and quantity of your existing social media reach (Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and Facebook likes). Companies that want faster results typically invest in paid acceleration beyond just organic posts.

  4. Elroy Kha

    Since LinkedIn is included (along with Twitter and Facebook), is this Social Media Content Calendar primarily for B2B-focused businesses?

    1. Rogelio Large

      While LinkedIn is known first and foremost as the network for professionals, and is a perfect fit for most business to business (B2B) campaigns, plenty of business to consumer (B2C) campaigns do well on LinkedIn too — as long as your main buyer personas are active on LinkedIn.

    1. Rogelio Large

      While the Social Media Content Calendar can be used on brand-new, well optimized social media profiles, you’ll get more value from your investment if you already have at least a few relevant Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and Facebook business page Likes.

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