1. Darleen Saez Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a squarespace website for your business ( $1800 )

    Every brand/company/business should be visible online. A website is fundamental for visual presence nowadays. It’s the first place potential customers will search for products or services out there. It’s also where they can discover, learn and engage with the company. That’s why it should reflect its values, mission, and identity. 

    A great website should grow alongside its company. The two have to be in tune, expanding and evolving together, and embracing the latest trends. By analysing and studying your company, I am able to offer custom website services. That way, you can ensure that your company has an online presence in line with your brand values and objectives.
    1. Darleen Saez

      Of course! I offer consultancy from start to finish. It can be particularly useful when a project is still in the drawing board stage. I can help you get over those initial obstacles and suggest ways to get the project off the ground. Contact me for a custom offer!

    1. Darleen Saez

      In order to get started with the creative process, I will need your: business information, content, plus any relevant files (documents, website references, and branding visual elements).

    1. Darleen Saez

      My work is presentation based. I will make sure to include any tutorials, manuals, and instructions that you will need post project completion. I always love staying in touch with our clients/buyers and to be available to help with any one-off adjustments or long-term maintenance!

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