1. Rodrigo Towler Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a stickboy explainer video ( $275 )

    All scripts/projects must be submitted and approved before ordering!


    Welcome to Stickboy! The Internet's first fully customizable stick figure animation.

    100% original artwork created to fit any project or service.

    Stickboy theme is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to sell, promote or drive traffic. 

    Why Stickboy?

    The STICK-FIGURE is humanities most recognizable icon. Stick-figures invoke trust, simplicity and playfulness. All qualities proven to increase likeability, sales and learning. 

    If you haven't already, get your script and voice over done quickly from another Fiverr seller and send them to me when ready!

    If applicable, please send the following:
    1. Overview of your project/idea/needs
    2. Script (premium only)
    3. Voice Over file (not included)
    4. Logo/Files (if applicable)
    5. Music choice (I can add music if you don't have a track in mind)

    If the packages listed don't fit what you need, just message me and tell your idea for Stickboy!
    1. Rodrigo Towler

      Custom means I will create a Stickboy action from scratch. Classic means there is already an animation for that action. For example, a simple “Hello/Waving” action has been created. However, you are not obligated to use what’s been created. I can create any custom action you need!

    1. Rodrigo Towler

      The WHITEBOARD uses the “animated hand” to draw each scene and uses classic stickboy animations and unlimited poses and props. The EXPLAINER is customized to your idea and script. I create exactly what is needed and you are not limited to classic actions like the WHITEBOARD. See gig video.

    1. Rodrigo Towler

      Stickboy is a “living” theme. I have created many Stickboy actions to fit most situations. However you may decide a certain action doesn’t fit your vision or we may need to create a brand new one. As a Pro Seller, I am able to create anything to fit your script. We are not limited like a template.

    1. Rodrigo Towler


      If another seller or person attempts to copy or create Stickboy for a buyer, this is copyright infringement and it will be reported to Fiverr Trust and Safety.

    1. Rodrigo Towler

      Gig video contains 14 Classic actions. Once created, animations can be used an unlimited amount of times for your project. If your project requires unique actions (not created yet), you can order them individually with “extras”. Once an action is created it becomes a “Classic”.

    1. Rodrigo Towler

      Stickboy is 100% my creation. All art and animation are my unique ideas. Unlike other sellers who merely resell templates, Stickboy is NOT a template. He is a living theme that can be applied to any script or idea. I can create any Stickboy action or animation to fit your story!

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