1. Lesley Bieler Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a stunning wordpress website for you ( $100 )

    This gig is designed to get you up and running quickly with a high powered website running on Wordpress, a state of the art Content Management System (CMS). I will install and configure your website using a theme that you select. I'll also add my custom plugin pack (tools to help you with your SEO, site optimization and various tools)


    Bronze: This package is great for small businesses that want a web presence but aren’t ready to sell online just yet. With this package you’ll get a high powered, mobile responsive website that offers the flexibility for future online sales. I”ll deliver a powerful Wordpress website that is ready for your content.

    Silver: Here you’ll get everything from the “Bronze” package plus I’ll also add up to 10 pages of user-supplied content. I’ll deliver your site within 5 business days.

    Gold: This package is designed for retailers who are ready to start selling online. With this package, I’ll include everything from the “Silver” package plus I’ll install WooCommerce (the standard in Wordpress ecommerce websites). Included with the WooCommerce option, I’ll add your first ten products. You’ll be selling online (via Paypal) in 7 business days.

    1. Lesley Bieler

      It’s best for you to send me a message first, describing what you’re looking for. Since everyone has a different set of needs, it makes sense if we discuss this first.

    1. Lesley Bieler

      This gig uses off the shelf themes, you can choose any you wish, just let me know the theme. Search thousands of free themes at the WordPress repository: https://wordpress.org/themes/. Or you can buy a theme from a 3rd party vendor. I will be happy to help you select an appropriate theme.

    1. Lesley Bieler

      Yes, we build mobile responsive websites that will render differently depending the screen size that it is being viewed on.

      Mobile responsive websites are a crucial part of your success today.

    1. Lesley Bieler

      No, WordPress.com is not the same as self-hosted WordPress and doesn’t provide the access that I need to develop the site.

    1. Lesley Bieler

      Once I turn the site over to you, you are ready to start adding your own content. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, I can supply you with some video training that will help you get started.

    1. Lesley Bieler

      You must purchase the domain name from a registrar. I always recommend Godaddy.com, they are not the cheapest registrar but they are reputable.

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