1. Elvin Prass Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a super effective social media short animated ad ( $1850 )

    We're happy to provide you a new social-media animated ad solution, specifically oriented for a high conversion rate for FB, Instagram, Youtube ect.
    With our experience in short videos on Social-media, your brand will benefit and reach your specific target of clients. 

    We will guide you hand-in-hand in this production adventure, So your short will be best fitted for your product.

    Remember, we are here for the help. 

    If you want a real professional video ad for yourself or company, TALK TO US!

    We recommend coming with a prepared text, logos, and any materials you want to add in order for us to assess the work.

    We are here for any question,

    May the Poink be with you

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