1. Tommie Lallier Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a testimonial or documentary video ( $4500 )

    We will create a live action testimonial, company story or documentary style video in the Chicago area. We will provide an edit. We can also travel to different locations for an additional travel fee.

    At Heave-Ho Productions, we always want to create something great. From concept to execution, our team can help you at any stage of production to do just that. Online promotional videos, animation, TV spots, music videos, stop motion animation, documentary production – we’ve made hundreds of creative videos that work hard.

    We’ve directed live action videos for Walgreens, Marriott, Bridgestone, IBM, Netflix, Panasonic, Vonage, Johnson & Johnson, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Urbansitter, H-E-B, World Poker Tour, Fieldglass and dozens of other corporate clients. And it’s not just live action. We’ve also created world class animated videos for Pfizer, the YMCA, GQ and others. It’s more than our client list though. Whoever you are and whatever size your project, we’re interested in creating a great video that works hard for you.

    1. Tommie Lallier

      Yes, we can travel. In addition to Chicago, we have shot videos in New York City, Boston, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Raleigh, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and more. Our premium package includes the fees for travel. We can also travel worldwide for a fee.

    1. Tommie Lallier

      Sometimes music licenses will require an additional licensing for broadcast. Please let us know where your video will be playing.

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