1. Lorrine Lundsford Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a timeless logo for your company ( $1500 )

    Hello we are Elle Visual a graphic design studio based in Italy.
    We are focused on identity creation.

    We are driven to create brilliant and functional brands.

    Through the graphic design and the harmony of the elements, we clarify the perceptions of the brand for the customers.

    We will transform your message into an attractive and coherent design that will establish a strong presence  in the market.

    Our creation process adapts to the needs of our client, we carefully analyze every type of request and after having built a creative brief, we start to evaluate the most suitable approach to the project.

    For any clarification on the project, contact me and we will find a perfect agreement.
    1. Lorrine Lundsford

      Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter profile + cover photo (instagram is not included) + Facebook and Instagram PSD Layout

    1. Lorrine Lundsford

      I need all the information that could be useful to know the company and its objectives.

      Here are some questions:

      1. What does exactly the company do? 
      2. What is your target? 
      3. What values do you want to assign to the brand?
      4. Who are your competitors? 

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